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Fun Family Road Trips

Fun Family Road Trips

If yours is like most U.S. families, you get together to get away from it all. Last summer, Americans took more trips than ever before, and more than a third of them took their kids along for the ride.

So where are all these families going? Seventy-five percent of travelers say they go on vacation to visit more family, but beaches and lakes are also popular spots for summer getaways.

Of course, family vacations aren’t just about the destination; they’re about the trip itself. This summer, AAA predicts that 84 percent of travelers will make a trip by car. If your family is planning to hit the road, try these tips to make getting there more than half the fun.

Easy Directions On The Road

You will never need to ask for directions again with the Audiovox NVX226, a fully portable hand-held GPS capable of guiding travelers on foot, on wheels and even on the water. Fully equipped with a 3.5″ touch screen, turn-by-turn prompts, built-in rechargeable battery and handy dashboard/windshield mounting kit, getting to your destination has never been so easy. With 1.6 million Points of Interest built in, you can find everything you need along the way, from parks to local diners.

Safe Trips

KIDS AND CARS, a nonprofit child safety organization, estimates that more than 12,500 children have been injured in blind-zone back-over incidents since 2001. To keep kids safe in and around vehicles, parents can install the Audiovox replacement rearview mirror monitor, which features an embedded 4.5″ LCD screen with a rear camera input, baby camera input and navigation display. The monitor is designed to work with the CCDLP, a rear license plate cover with a built-in backup camera and microphone.