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Must Have iPad Accessories

There are a great deal of excellent iPad devices and you understand now I attempt to cover the very best iPad devices I can obtain my hands on. Well, today I obtained my hands on some REALLY trendy equipment which I can not wait to reveal you!

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Funded by TinyRigs oriGrid –
Jarvis AI creating aide:

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Things in this video:
oriGrid –
Apple Pencil hold –
DraftTable V2 –
Rode NT-USB mic –
USB-C to USB-C cable television –
Jarvis AI composing application –
GhostCover Magic Keyboard cover –

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0:00 – Hey it’s Chris!
0:29 – Whats in this video clip …
0:56 – oriGrid iPad coordinator
3:13 – DraftTable V2 Apple Pencil iPad stand
5:15 – Don’t fail to remember to subscribe!
5:31 – Rode NT-USB Mini microphone
7:51 – Using the Rode mic with Jarvis AI author
8:35 – GhostCover Magic Keyboard cover