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Why Not Consider A Blue Tooth Car Kit

Why Not Consider A Blue Tooth Car Kit

One of the reasons for installing a blue tooth car kit in your car can be an urge to remain a law-abiding citizen. In most states, holding a mobile handset while driving is a punishable offence and in some states, the penalty is fairly high. In the UK it has been an offence to use a cell phone whilst driving for some time but people still flout this law so soon the law is changing and offenders will also get penalty points on their license.

A blue tooth car kit provides the facility of communication through your phone without the task of holding the equipment while driving through a congested part of a town. Another advantage the blue tooth car kit provides is that it comes minus the jungle of wires and jacks that some others have. So it is not messy at all.

Some of the user-friendly options of the blue tooth car kit include headsets or speakers that attach to your sun visor or can be placed on the center console as an example of simple trouble-free installation. Superb blue tooth technology assures sparkling sound quality and distortion free communication even under stressful conditions. With some models, you can leave your phone in your coat pocket or briefcase yet make calls through the headset.

Yet another break through innovation of the blue tooth is the touch-screen capabilities of the LCD screen that can be mounted on your car’s dashboard or console. This helps with dialing numbers that are not programmed into speed or voice dial. Caller ID is also displayed if your phone includes that service. However nothing can beat the infrared control that mounts to your steering wheel for making or answering a call whilst still keeping one eye fixed to the road in front.

The novelty of the blue tooth car kit does not end here. Your car radio will go mute when the phone is making or receiving a call, provided your radio is smart enough to have that feature. Though most Blue Tooth Car kits cost around $100 to $250, the one with LCD screen may be available at around $400.

However, the cost of a blue tooth car kit is more than offset when you think in terms of safety provisions that this little gadget gives you. On top of all that consider the cost of the penalty when you get caught holding your cell phone on a busy street corner, negotiating traffic.

Despite claims made by other makers of ‘hands-free’ car cell phones, the blue tooth car kit is by far the more advanced, cost efficient and user-friendly in today’s market. The call quality of a blue tooth car kit is also far superior.